possibly really sad shit ahead probably dont read 

seriously turn back ya dumb cunts

i honestly am not happy with myself in any regard, and hold myself in such low esteem that i cant care enough to fix it. why should i, really? if i dont care about me, why would i fix me or think other people would care about me. every aspect of me i am uncomfortable with, like my whole body fits wrong and i dont know what to do about it, if there even is anything i can do about it. and the more i look it over and think about it the less comfortable i become; i’m so fucking unsure and unstable about every single thing, from my hair to my fucking genitals and i don’t know i just dont know and it sucks so fucking much. i can’t even write this shit with the eloquence i ususally reserve for posts about my emotions because whenever i think about this shit i get choked up and i cant think right and i’m just gonna stop typing this now whatever if you pieces of shit listened to me you weren’t even reading this anyway

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